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Horse racing is an exciting, adrenaline-filled sport that has captivated people for centuries. One particularly fascinating branch of the sport is trotting horse racing, where these magnificent animals display their grace and speed while moving on wheels instead of galloping.

Trotting horse racing

Trotting horses are a specific breed, bred and specially trained to compete in races where they must maintain a steady trot rather than a canter.

This form of racing is particularly popular in countries such as France, Sweden, the United States and Canada, where trotting horse racing has a large fan base.

Characteristics of trotting races

One of the distinguishing characteristics of trotting horses is their manner of movement.

While "normal" galloping horses move in a bounding motion with their front and hind legs, trotting horses have a characteristic trot in which the diagonal legs move at the same time. This smooth, rhythmic trot allows the horses to maintain a constant speed and greater endurance during races.

Trotting horses are trained to follow a specific rhythm and to maintain balance while trotting with power and speed. Drivers, called sulky drivers, also play a crucial role in horse racing. They sit in a sulky, a lightweight two-wheeled vehicle, and steer the horse during the race.

Trotting horse race tracks are oval and have a firm, well-maintained surface to ensure the safety of the horses and drivers. The length and characteristics of the track can vary, but they are generally marked with lines and markings to help drivers maintain the correct trot.

This type of sporting event not only offers excitement and entertainment for the fans, but they are also a social event where people come together to enjoy the sport and socialize.

Trotting breeds

There are several breeds of trotting horses that are used in racing, among which are:

  • French Trotter (Cheval Trotteur Français): This is a breed of horse originating in France and is one of the most popular in trotting races. They are known for their endurance, speed and ability to maintain a steady trot over long distances.
  • Standardbred: This is a breed originating from North America and is widely used in horse racing in the United States and Canada. Standardbreds are known for their strength, endurance and ability to maintain a steady trot.
  • Italian Trotter (Trotto Italiano): This breed of trotting horses originated in Italy and is highly prized in trotting races in that country. They are agile, fast and versatile horses, capable of competing in both trotting and canter races.
  • Orlov Trotter: Has its origins in Russia and is characterized by its elegance and endurance. Orlov Trotters are medium to large sized horses, with a smooth trot and excellent long trotting ability.
  • Haflinger: Although not a breed specifically created for trotting horse racing, Haflingers are versatile horses that can also participate in these competitions. They are known for their endurance, friendly temperament and hard-working disposition.

It is important to note that in different countries and regions there may be local breeds or specific crosses used in these competitions.

Each breed may have distinctive characteristics that make them suitable for trotting horse racing, such as conformation, ability to maintain a steady trot and endurance.

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