15/06/2017 14:59


From Tokyo 2020 new format for team competitions

Logo Tokyo 2020

The Rio 2016 chapter  closed not more than a year ago  but everybody is already feverishly looking forward to the preparations of the next Games. Welcome Tokyo, host of the Olympic Games in 2020. With  this edition the format of the three equestrian disciplines will present some changes. The Teams will consist of only 3 riders, the drop score has been abolished and the use of the reserves, horse or rider, will be allowed for medical reasons only.

And after Tokyo? The equestrian disciplines have now been confirmed until 2024 for which Paris and Los Angeles are currently in the race. In the French capital the equestrian stars would be hosted in that magical frame that already incites the most wonderful dreams: Versailles.

Otherwise immersed in the  magic of Los Angeles, in the beautiful Sepulveda Basin, on the site of an existing golf course.

The city that loses the 2024 bid might act as host to the following one, the Games of the XXXIV (34th) Olympics, completely different cities but united by a very precise characteristic: to  bring the equestrian sports into the spotlight.