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Raidho, a place where a lady and her horses teach you how to foster personal development through contact with these marvellous four-legged therapists. Here the new report with all the UPDATES!

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Il programma ufficiale dell'edizione 2018 in scena a Settembre a Tryon

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EVENT RIDER MASTERS – 5th leg Haras De Jardy

The fifth and penultimate leg of the Event Rider Masters has crowned its winners. On French ground in front of the stunning backdrop of Haras De Jardy, Great Britain’s Alex Bragg aboard Zagreb magically delivered personal bests and fast and classy clears.Three details which all together sent him straight to the top of the podium in the penultimate Leg of the 2018 Series. Relive all the action here, with us!

EVENT RIDER MASTERS - 4th leg Barbury Castle Horse Trials

On July 7-8 the Eventing world witnessed one of the hottest Event Rider Masters Leg of the ongoing season.…

EVENT RIDER MASTERS – 3rd leg Arville

Leg 3 of the 2018 Event Rider Masters is now history but the triumph of Christopher Burton & Polystar…

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